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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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1            G.O.Ms.No. 1793 Education Department dated 23-9-1970.
But it was not implemented due to appeal in Supreme
2            G.O.Ms,No.767 Education Department Dated 17-4-1972.
This commission Report was implemented as it is with effect from
17-4-1972 as per appeal Judgement of Supreme Court of India.
This reservation is up to 31-5-2001.
21. JANGAM (OC) (Extract of the report of B.C.Commission
This community is known as Jangamadevaraiu and
Jangama Ayyalu. It is also known as "Lingayats or Veerasaiva" in
the ceded districts of Andhra area, "Jangam" is a sub-division of
Lingayats. They practice Veera-saiva religion. They are highly re-
ligious They wear lingam on their bodies. They offer food to the
Lingam before they eat. They are considered religiously inferior
to brahmins even though they wear the sacred lingam. They were
treated as Pujaris or Gurus and they are treated well socially.
They do not either interdine or inter-marry with other communi-
ties. They are strict vegetarians They officiate in cremation cer-
emonies of Saivites belonging to Kummari. Salt, Munnurkapus etc
They are religious gurus of the Lingayats and they also of-
ficiate as priests in ceremonies of Saivites belonging to certain
sudra communities like Kummari, Munnurkapus, Salis etc. They
are very orthodox and lead a life of austerity. They are respected
m society Some are now engaged in several other occupations