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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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viz., sale of flowers to the deities, tailoring, village priesthood, ag-
ricultural labour etc. The student population in X and XI classes in
1968-69 is quite satisfactory for the whole community. Hence they
cannot be considered as socially or educationally backward.
JANGAM (BC): But there is a sub sect among the Jangarns whose
traditional occupation is begging. They move about with a bell
and begging bowl, for alms. They are nomadic, as they move
from place to place for begging, This subsect as a whole is eco-
nomically poor, as they are mainly dependant on the alms. On
account of their profession and extreme poverty they are looked
down in society. Being very poor and nomadic they are not able
to educate, their children. The number of students in the X and
XI classes from this begger class in 1968-69 was negligible. Though
separate statistics of student population of this sub-sect are not
available, we are convinced that this sub-sect is educationally very
backward. Having regard to the fact that this sub-sect occupies
an inferior position in the social hierarchy and educationally back-
ward, the Commission considers that the sub-sect of Jangam
whose traditional occupation was begging, is socially and educa-
tionally backward.