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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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R.Venkateswarlu                                                          Petitioner
Director of Postal Services,
Andhra Pradesh, Southern
Region, Kurnool, Kurnool District.                            Respondnet
and two others.
I, R.Venkateswarlu s/o Raghavaiah garu, Hindu, aged about
52 years, working as Sub-Post Master, Mangamuru Donka Town
Sub Office, residing at Ongole, Prakasam District, now at
Hyderagad, do hereby solemnly affirm and state as follows.
1.      I am the petitioner herein and as such I am fully acquainted
with the facts of the case.
2.       I submit that I belong to Beda (Budga) Jangam community.
There are various sub-sects in Jangarns or Jangalu namely, Mala
Jangams, Beda (Budaga) Jangam, Veerasaiva Jangams, and oth-
ers. All sects of Jangams were generally called as Jangams or
jangalu, throughout the State of Andhra Pradesh. For instance,
Mala Jangams are also generally called as Jangams or Jangalu
as evidenced by Ethnological Study on Mala Jangams and oth-
ers, VoLII, Part V B(10) Page 1, pbulished by the Government of
Andhra Pradesh in the year 1961.
3.       I submit that although I belong to Beda (Budaga) Jangam
community in my school records my community is losely described
as jangam. Beda (Budaga) Jangam and Mala Jangams were in-
cluded in the list of Scheduled Castes in theTelengana region by
Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes Modification (Order)
1956, By the provisions of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled
Tribes Order (Amendment Act 1976 Act 108 of 1976) Beda