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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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(Budaga) Jangams and Mala Jangams were included in the list of
Scheduled Castes throughout the State of Andhra Pradesh with
out any restrictions as to area. Some of my relations who have
been working in the service of Central as well as State Govern-
ment and whose community was given as Jangams in the school
records as well as service records, applied for corrections in their
service records after obtaining caste certificates from the con-
cerned Revenue authoriteis.The concerned Revenue authorities
issued caste certificates after a thorough enquiry.
4.     I, submit that after the Beda Jangams and Mala Jangams
living in Andhra area are declared as Scheduled Castes, I ap-
plied for caste certificate to the Tahstldar, Ongole, The Tahsildar,
Ongole after conducting an enquiry through the village munsii,
Ongole gave a certificate dated 1.4.1981 stating that I belong to
Beda Jangam community. On 4.5.1981, I applied to the
Sr.Superintendent of Post Offices, Prakasam Division, Ongole,
the 2nd respondent herein to make necesssary corrections in my
service register and gradation list by altering my community from
OJD. to S.C. To the said application I also enclosed certificate
issued by Tahsildar.Thereafter, by his proceedings dated 3.6.1981,
the 2nd respondent herein directed me to send my S.S.LC. cer-
tificate by next post. On 4.6.1981 I intimated to 2nd respondent
that my S.S.LC. certificate was handed over to Superintendent
of Post Offices, Mahabubnagar at the time of appointment. There-
after on 30.10.1981 I again addressed another letter requesting
the 2nd respondent to make necessary corrections in my service
register and gradation list On 23.10.1981, the 2nd respondent
addressed the Director of Postal Services, Andhra Pradesh South-
em Region, Kumod requesting him to take early action on my