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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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Chandrasekhara Lingam belongs to Beda (Budaga) Jangam com-
munity which is a scheduled caste. But unfortunately some
harij'ans who are keen on having all the reservations for them-
selves and did not like the idea of any competition with other
scheduled castes like Beda (Budaga) Jangams and Mala Jangams
again sent-up representations to Government of India. The Gov-
ernment of India, once again directed the Government of Andhra
Pradesh to conduct a denovo enquiry into the matter. In March,
1984 the Commisioner of Social Welfare and the Director of Sched-
uled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Welfare, enquired into the mat-
ter on 7.3.1984 and 8.3.1984. It may be stated here that both of
them belong to harijan community. It may also be stated here that
Sri. Chandrasekhara Lingam filed a writ petition in the High Court
of Andhra Pradesh for a direction to Central Government to send
him for training and obtained an interim direction in which A.,R
Beda Jangam Sangham also got impleaded in the said writ peti-
tion in support of Sri Chandrasekhara Lingam. The issue became
an issue between the A. P. Scheduled Castes Welfare Association
and AP.Beda Jangam Sangham. In such a situation, there is ab-
solutely no justification what-so-ever to authorise two officials be-
longing to Harijan community to enquire into the matter and sub-
mit a report. In the nature of things they cannot be expected to
submit an unbiased report.
6. I submit that the Commissioner of Social Welfare who con-
ducted the so-called enquiry with the assistance of Director of
S.C.& ST. did not record the statements given by various wit-
nesses examined on behalf of Sri Chandrasekhara Lingam. He
examined several persons behind the back of Sri Chandrasekhara
Lingam and never gave any opportunity to cross examine them.