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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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He appears to have submitted a biased report to the Government
of Andhra Pradesh. Based on which the Government of Andhra
Pradesh issued, Social Welfare (J) Department
dated 20.3.1984 cancelling the Scheduled caste certificate issued
to Sri Chandrasekhara Lingam. Before cancelling the said certifi-
cate the Government of Andhra Pradesh did not issue a show
casue notice to Sri Chandrasekhara Lingam. The Government of
Andhra Pradesh also did not furnish a copy of the report submit-
ted by the Commissioner, Social Welfare, based on which the
said G.O. was issued cancelling the caste certificate. Question-
ing the said G.O., Sri Chandrasekhara Lingam filed W.P.No.7356
of 1984. The same was admitted by this Hon'ble Court Based on
the said G.O.Ms.No.51, Social Welfare (J) Department dated
20.3.1984 the Government of Andhra Pradesh issued another
Memo No.543/J2/84-1 dated 3.4.1984 which was communicated
to all the Collectors and all the Sub-Collectors/R.D.Os. where in it
was stated that there were no Beda Jangams in the Andhra area
and that it was highly doubtful whether there were any Beda
(Budaga) jangams in Telangana area and all the social status/caste
certificates issued to number of candidates and employees study-
ing in schools and colleges and working in offices that they belong
to Beda (Budaga) Jangam community should be immediately can-
celled and benefits if any given to them on the basis of the certifi-
cates must be recovered and prosecution should be launched
against them for producing false certificates.
7. I submit that while matters stood thus, on 9.5.1984, I re-
ceived a communication from the 1st respondent herein in his
Memo No.ST/PF/LSG/RV/Ongole dated 2.5.1984. By the said
proceedings, the 1st respondent cancelled Memo No.B/55 dated