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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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Fq. Prakasam District and the rules relating to Telangana region
Jo not apply to him. The petitioner has not mentioned the names
3f any of his relatives who got their caste corrected from Jangam
to Beda Jangam. The petitioner is put to strict proof of all the
other allegations in these paragraphs.

6.      With regard to the averments in para 4 of the petitioner's
affidavit 1 submit that there is no record to show whether or not
any enquiry was conducted by the Tahsildar, Ongoie before issu-
ing Beda Jangam Certificate to the petitioner. It is true that the
petitioner applied for revision of his caste from Jangam to Beda
Jangam and treat him as belonging to Scheduled Caste.The case
was referred to the 1st Respondent on 23-10-1981, but however,
the 1st Respondent returned the same to the 2nd respondent to
take a decision at the Divisional level as the petitioner was work-
ing as a Postal Assistant. The 2nd Respondent accepted the re-
vised caste cerfificate produced by the petitioner and issued or-
ders treating the petitioner as belonging to Beda Jangam Commu-
nity which is recognised as Scheduled Caste Community, vide
2nd Respondents Letter No.B/55 dt.6-3-1982.The petitioner was
promoted to the LSG (Lower Selection Grade) cadre as against
20% quota with effect from 7-3-1983 vide Memo No.B/LSG/2 dated
11-3-83. Otherwise the petitioner would have got promotion to the
L.S.G. cadre under 16 years time bound promotion with effect from

7.      With regard to the para 5 of the petitioner's affidavit I sub-
mit that no information is available with this respondent regarding
enquiry made by the Government of India in respect of Sri
N.Chandrasekhar Lingam who is alleged to be close relative of
the petitioner. The petitioner is put to strict proof of the averments