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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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contained in para 5 of his affidavit.

8.      With regard to the para 6 of the petitioner's affidavit, this
respondent puts the petitioner to strict proof of the averments
contained therein.

9.      With regard to para 7 of the petitioner's affidavit, I submit
that it is true the 1st respondent issued a memo dated 2.5.84
cancelling the orders issued earlier by the 2nd respondent treat-
ing the petitioner as belonging to schedule caste. It is a speaking
order containing the facts based on which the orders issued by
the 2nd respondent treating the petitioner as belonging to Sched-
uled caste community, were cancelled. Based on this memo the
2nd respondent issued Memo No.B.20 dated 8.5.84 cancelling the
orders treating the petitioner as belonging to Beda Jangam Caste.

10. With regard to the para 8 of the petitioners affidavit I submit
that the allegation that no show cause notice was issued to the
petitioner before derecognising him as belonging to S.C. commu-
nity is not tenable as the cancellation was done as per the orders
of the AP.Government which is concluded that there were no Beda
Jangam people at all in coastal districts much less in Prakasam
District, after thorough high level enquiries. The principles of natu-
ral Justice are not attracted on the facts and circumstances of the

11.    With regard to para 9 of the petitioner's affidavit I submit
that due notice will have to be taken of the enquiries made by the
State Government with regard to the existence or otherwise of
Beda Jangam community in coastal districts and also Prakasam
District. This respondent is entitled to act on the information fur-
nished by the State Government on thorough enquiry made by
them. Being a public enquiry the petitioner could have furnished