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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

the arguments of Mr.S.Venkata Reddy, Advocate for tthe petitioner.
It is ordered:- that notice do issue to the Respondents herein
to show cause why this application should not be complied with
and IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the operation of Memo.
No.ST/PF/LSG/RV/Ongole dt.2-5-84 issued by the 1st respond-
ent herein, namely, the Director of Postal Services, Southern Re-
gion, Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool, Kurnool District and the conse-
quential Meino.No.B/20 dt.8-5-94 issued by the 2nd respondent
herein namely, the Sr.Superintendent of Post Offices, Prakasam
division, Ongole be and hereby are suspended pending further
orders on this petition.

Note: The receipt of this order will be deemed the receipt of no-
tice in the case. The case will be taken up for hearing after three
weeks from the date of this order.

Sd/- G.Krishna Murthy,

Asst Registrar.
//True Copy//

Asst. Registrar.

The Director of Postal Services, Southern Region, Kurnool,
Kurnool District (By RPAD).

The Senior Superintendent of Post Office/ Prakasam Division
Ongole (By RPAD).

The Secretary, Social Welfare Dept, Govt., of A.P., Secretariat,
Buildings, Saifabad, Hyd. (By RPAD.)
One Spare Copy.
+One CC to Mr.S.Venktata Reddy Advocate.