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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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ond respondent to make necessry corrections in the Service Reg-
ister and Gradation list by altering his community from S.C.
The 2nd respondant by proceedings dated 6-3-1982 declared
that the applicant belongs to Scheduled Caste community and
consequential corrections were made in the sen/ice register and
gradation list. He aiso received promotion as Lower Selection
Grade Office Assistant on 11-3-1983. The affidavit recites that
there was some litigation between a relative of the applicant, Sri
N.Chandrasekhara Lingam who appeared for selection to Indian
Administrative Service in 1981 .The inquiries in regard to the caste
of Chandrasekhara Lingam resulted in the State Government is-
suing G.O.Ms.No.51 Social Welfare (J) Department dated 20-3-
1984 declaring that the said Chandrasekharalingam is not a mem-
ber of the Scheduled Caste community. This was followed by the
Government of Andhra Pradesh. Memo.No.543/J2/84-1 dated 3-
4-1984 which was communicated to ail the Collectors and all the
Sub-CoIlectors/R.D.Os. declaring that there was no Beda jangam
is Andhra Area and it was highly doubtful whether there were any
Beda (Budaga) j'angams in Telangana area also, the applicant is
aware that consequent on the issue of G.O.Ms.No.51 dated 20-3-
1984 and Memo No.543 dated 3-4-1984 the impugned order dated
2-5-1984 was issued by the first respondent holding that the ap-
plicant is not a member of the Beda Jangam Community and can-
celling the memo dated 6-3-1982 treating the applicant as Sched-
uled caste. This was followed by the order dated 8-5-1984 issued
by the second respondent treating Memo.No.B/55 dated 6-3-1982
as cancelled. The applicant has stated in his affidavit that the ear-
lier orders of the Government of Andhra Pradesh in,51
dated 20-3-1984 and Memo NO.543/J2/84-1 dated 3-4-1984 had