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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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A.RL.J. Page 252 where in the High Court had adjudicated upon
the writ petition filed by Sri Nagam Chandrasekharalingam ques-
tioning the G.O.Ms.No.51 Social Welfare (J) Department dated
20-3-1983 and Memo No.543/J2/84-1, dt-3-4-1984. The High
Court had quashed the orders on the ground that the Commis-
sioner of Social Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh had ex-
amined and recorded the statements of witnesses behind the back
of the affected party and no examination or cross examination of
such persons was allowed. It is also brought to our notice that the
matter was carried in appeal to the Supreme Court and that the
Supreme Court by its Judgement which was reported in A.I.R.
1988 S.C.1309 had confirmed the decision of the High Court of
Andhra Pradesh. The impugned order dated 2-5-1984 reads as
"Whereas Sri R.Venkateswarlu, LS.G.P.A.OngoIe Division, who
was originally recruited as 1958 got himself declared as
S.C. during 1982 by producing a bogus "Beda Jangam" caste
certificate and claiming as belonging to S.C.vide S.S.ROs. Ongole
Memo No.B/55 dated 6-3-1982 whereas the undersigned hav-
ing satisfied that the Government of Andhra Pradesh has come
to the conclusion the basis of the report of the Commissioner of
Social Welfare that there is no caste by name" Beda Jangam11 in
coastal districts and much less in Prakasam District and the caste
certificate produced as found to be bogus.
Therefore, the undersigned hereby order to cancel the Memo.No.B/
55 dated 6-3-1982 issued by S.S.ROs. Ongole treating Sri
R-Venkateswartu as S.C.
6.     This order discloses that the 1 st reespondent had acted as
merely upon the decision of the Government of Andhra Pradesh