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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

Castes, Scheduled Tribes and backward Classes.

3.       It has been noticed by Government that a large number of
false Scheduled Caste certificates are being issued to in respect
of those communities which are relatively small in number and
also relatively more backward.

4.      Government after careful consideration and in partial modi-
fication of the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.880, Employment and
Social Welfare Department, dt. 17-10-1975 direct that the caste/
community certificates in respect of the follolwing scheduled caste
communities should be issued only by a Revenue Officer not be-
low the rank of Revenue Divisional Officer/ Sub-Collector in whose
jurisdiction the native place of the condidate is situated.

1. Anamuk (2) Aray Mala (3) Arwa Mala (4) Barikki (5) Bavuri
(6) Beda/Budaga Janoam (7) Bindla (8) Byagara (9) Chachati (10)
Chalavadi (11) Chamar Mochi, Muchi (12) Chamber (13)
Chandala (14) Dakkal (15) Dokkalwar Dandasi (16) Dhor (17)
Ellamalawar Eflamalavandlu (18) Chasi, Haddi, Relli, Chachadi
(19) godagali (20) Godari (21) Gosangi (22) Holeya (23) Holeya
Dasari (24) Jaggafi (25) Jambavulu (26) Kolupulavandlu (27)
Madasi, Kuruva, Madari Kuruva (28) Madiga Dasu Mashteen (29)
Mahar (30) Malahannai (31) Malajangam (32) Mala Mashti (33)
Malasanyasi (34) Mang (35) Mang Garodi (36) Mashti (37) Matangi
(38) Mehtar (39) Mitha Ayyalwar (40) MUNDLA (41) Paky, MOti,
Thoti (42) Pambada, Pambanda (43) Pamidi (44) Samagara (45)
Samban (46) Sapru (47) Sindhollu, Chindollu.

5.      It should be ensured that these instructions are strictly ad-
hered to.

6.      The receipt of this Government Order may please be ac-