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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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representation, for admission into educational Institutions includ-
ing professional colleges and appointments in Govt service etc.,
thus depriving genuine, scheduled caste persons of the benefits
meant for them.

In view of the above position, it has become imperative to
cause thorough enquiries keeping in view the distinguishing fea^
tures of the two communities outlined in the preceding paragraphs^
and decide the genuinenss of the claims in cases where such
certificates have already been issued and also in cases where
such certificates are asked for.

Though generally speaking Beda/Budaga Jangam commu-
nity is not found in the Andhra Region of the State, there may be
stray cases of Beda/Budaga Jangam families living in those ar-
eas also. Therefore, great care should be taken by the authorities
concerned in identifying the genuine persons of the community
before issuing scheduled caste certificates already issued are
referred to for verification, the authorities should cause a detailed
enquiry into each case giving opportunity to the candidate to be
heard and statements if any should be recorded in his presence.
The basis on which the conclusion regarding the social status of
the candidate was arrived at should be mentioned intact for refer-
ence inspection if any in future by higher authoritis. In cases where
the claim is found to be false, further action should be taken as
laid down in the G.O.cited.

All the Collectors & District Magistrates are requested to
ensure that the above procedure is scrupulously followed in veri-
fying the social status of the candidates claiming to belong to Beda/
Budaga Jangam Community and that the Beda/Budaga Jangam