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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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ing for the petitioners submits that the impugned order is illegal
since the respondent did not consider the School Leaving Certifi-
cate belonging to the father of the second petitioner as well as the
certificates produced by the petitioners. In fact, the Supreme Court
in a recent decision has held that the description of the students in
the School Leaving Certificate has got a great probative value.
The respondent has merely relied upon a memo issued by the
Government vide. Memo.No. 1030/J185/5 Social Welfare Depart-
ment, dated 23-3-95 which prescribed certain untenable
restiriotions. In fact, according to the learned Senior Advocate,
similar restrictions imposed by the Karnataka Government were
held to be invalid and untenable by Karnataka High Court in sev-
eral Judgements. Therefore, there should be a direction to the re-
spondent to consider the claim of the petitioner in the fight of the
guidelines issued by the Supreme Court in MADHURI PATEL
Heard the learned Government Pleader.
The School Leaving Certificate produced by the petitioners
relates to the second petitioner's father for the period 1914 to
1920 when the question of reservation was not thought of, has to
be presumed that it contains correct information, and therefore,
the said document has got high probative value and the same
should be received as clinching evidence. The memo dated 23-
3-1989 relied on by the respondent cannot be accepted. The
conditions prescribed therein are unreasonable and untenable.The
respondent has to decide the issue in the light of the certificates
produced by the petitioner without reference to the memo dated
23-3-1989. The Supreme Court in the above judgement has given