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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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3. This Office Lr.No.Even dt.25.2.94

4. Collr.Nzb.Lr.No.D6/12137/89, dt.9.3.94

5. This Office Lr.No.Even dt.24.3.94

6. Collr.Nzb.Lr.No.D6/12137/89 dt.21.4.94.

* * *

I invite kind attention to the reference cited above. I submit
that i have conducted a detailed enquiry into the caste of
Smt.M.Anuradha, D/o Naga Lingam, R/o Bodhan.

During the course of enquiry, she has produced the follow-
ing persons as witnesses, whose statements were recorded,
i)      FLRSiddaiah, Head Master, Girls Primary School, Bodhan,
ii)      Chandra Shekar Swamy, Purohit, R/o Jangampally Do.
iii)     Parbhaiah, Retired Teacher, R/o Jangampally, Do.

Further, she has also produced the statements of the fol-
lowing relatives also:
i)      G Janardhan Lingam, her Husband,
ii)      G.Bheemeshwar, Father-in-law of brother of Smt.M.Anu-

A detailed statement was filed by Rachamalla Venkatesh
warlu, President of A.RBeda Jangam Sangam, Ongole.

All the above statements given a detailed description of Beda
Jangam caste members and claim that Smt.M.Anuradha belongs
to that caste. The main characteristics are culled out from the above

i)      They are Vibhutidars

ii)      They perform funeral rites of Mafa, Madiga & others
iii)     During performance of funeral rites, they blow Shanku and

ring bells in front of the dead body.
?v)    They are non vegetarians