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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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v)    .They act as purohits

vi)     The bodies of those caste people are kept in sitting position

in a specially erected Mandapam and bells are ruing,
vii)    The dead bodies are buried in the same sitting position.

Statements of M.Gangadharappa, Bheemeshwar and Papa
Rao were recorded in front of Sri M.Srinivas, brother of Smt.
M.Anuradha. From these statements, I came to conclude that due
to advantage of education and a job, the caste of Smt. Anuradha,
never suffered the disability of untouchability. However, the tradi-
tional custom of Beda Jangamas, rites associated with death, cer-
emonies were followed.

Considering all the above statements, the following charac-
teristics of Smt.Anuradha, family are clear:
i)      They are non-vegetarians

ii) They have special rites associated with their death ceremo-
nies, such as, keeping the body in sitting position in a Mandapam
and burying it in the same position, blowing conches, and ringing
bells before the dead body.

In view of the above facts, I am satisfied that the caste of
Smt. A Anuradha is Beda/Budaga Jangam. The issue was de-
cided as per the guidelines issued by the Hon'ble High Court in
the Judgement given in S.C.Kotaiah & Others V/s. DistCollector,
Nellore & Others in W.RNo.9967 of 1987 dt.15th June, 1991.

Yours faithfully,
SdAAssistant Collector,

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