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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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of certiorari or direction in the nature of mandamus holding the Circulars
dated 22-7-1978 - Annexure-D and 5-8-1978 Annexure-E, to be illegal, null
and void as well as to be without any authority of law.
The Petitioner has further sought the relief for issue of writ of
mandarnust declaring the Petitioner to be belonging to the Schedule Caste
being Beda Jangama, a sub-caste in Veerashiva religion and for a direc-
tion to respondents to drop all further proceedings initiated as per Annexure-
A to this Writ Petition as well as for issue of direction to respondents to
forbear from holding any Departmental criminal proceedings, on the basis
of Annexures D&E.
petitioner was being unnecesssarily harassed and the Bank authorities
were thinking of taking steps to suspend her. That Beda Jangama can
also be Lingayats it's being the religious cult.
4.       The learned Counsel for the petitioner submitted that a Jangama
or Beda Jangama could also follow the Veerashaiva or Lingayat cult of
devotion and bhakti.The complainant's case has been that as the Peti-
tioner belonged to Lingayat Community, and not Beda Jangama and
falsely representing himself to be Beda Jangama, the Petitioner has ob-
tained the certificate so the complaint.
The learned Counsel for the Petitioner submitted befoer me that
because of G.Qs. Annexures D&E, the opposite parties were taking the
view that the Petitioner did not belong to Beda Jangama sub-caste or
Community and has misrepresented and procured Caste Certificate and
therefore, they have launched the prosecution.
5.       My attention has been invited to Annexures D&E. The circular D
deals with the subject of Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes Orders
(Amendment) Act, 1976, whereby, Beda Jangama and Budaga Jangama
Communities have been indicated at SI.No.19, as showing that they be-
long to Schedule Caste. While issuing the clarification, the State Govern-