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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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community therefore and a notification to that effect has to be issued
under the law by the Government.
7. Lastly, the learned Counsel submitted that as such the Govern-
ment Circular per se appears to be illegal, null and void and ultra vires
of the power of the State Government.
I have applied my mind to the contentions made before me,
Jangam may be a caste or part of Lingayat's cult of devotion even among
Jangams, there may be various Jangams known as Beda Jangama,
-Budga Jangama or the like. Any person may follow a cult of bhakti
Veerashaiva or Lingayat are devotees of Lord Shiva, to say that a per-
son belonging to Schedule Caste community cannot be a worshipper of
Lord Shiva, is again to create a barrier to the effect, the worshippers of
Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu cannot come within the Schedule Caste list
and mostly, it happens that a person may belong to Schedule Caste,
but, in the matter of worship., there will be no hurdle in the way, as that
would be against the intention, spirit of the Constitution, as the person
belonging to Schedule Caste can worship the deity according to his
choice. If we look to the cultural heritage of India, Kabir has been a Ram
bhakt and at times, he used to say as "Ram Ki Dulhania". If we look to
the Saint Gurunanak, A saint, a person belonging to sikh religion, also
has been discussed as worshipper of Lord Shiva, Parvati and Ram (as a
budaga Jangama or the like communities to be included in the Schedule
Caste List. The Petitioner cannot and be not prosecuted or convicted on
the basis of those Circulars simplicitor until and unless that Committee
investigates that question and holds that these persons really did not
belong to that community. In the G.O. dated 5-10-1995, it is clearly men-
tioned even in respect of those, to whom endorsement have been issued
like the applicants that they do not belong to Beda Jangama Caste, they
should also be considered by the Scrutinising Committee without giving