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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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a decision on the question or a finding that he did not belong to the com-
munity and a decision on that question is to be given by the committee
itself. So, until an order just opposite to the one granted by theTahsildar is
passed by such Committee, no prosecution need be continued nor any
disciplinary proceeding be taken against petitioner on that basis of Gov-
ernment Order impugned.
11. With these observations, this Writ Petition is allowed. The oppo-
site parties are directed to drop the pending proceedings, criminal or
departmental or disciplinary initiated on the basis of Circular Annexure F
dated 22.7.78, but, it will be open to them, if the matter goes before the
State Scrutinising Committee and the Committee holds against the Pe-
titioner, then, it may be open to the authoriteis to take appropriate action
in the matter.
Memo.No.SR8/J1/97-1                                              dt.30-4-1997
Sub: Social Welfare Department - Issue of Scheduled
Caste Certificates for Beda Jangam Community on
the directions of the High Court - Instructions to all the
District Collectors for Implementation - Request - Reg.
Ref: 1. Gwt. Memo No.543AJ2/84-1, Social Welfare Depart-
ment dt3-4-1984.
2. G.O.Ms.No.51, Social Welfare (J) Department dt.20-
3. Judgement of A.RHigh Court dt.24-12-1984 in
4. Govt. Memo.No.1030/Ja/88-5, Social Welfare De-
partment dt.23-3-1989.