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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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5.  Judgement of A.P.High Court dt. 15-6-91 in

6.  Judgement of A.P.High Court dt.27-7-95 in
W.P.No. 13606/95.

7.  Judgement of a.P.High Court dt.20-8-96 in
W.P.No. 19083/94.

8.  Representation from A.P.Beda Jangam Sangam
dt.10-2-1997, 18-2-1997 and 2-3-1997.

* * *

The attention of the District Collectors is invited to the refer-
ences cited.

2.      It is to inform that in the reference first, 2nd and 4th cited,all
the Collectors have been instructed to make detailed enquiries to
distinguish between Beda Jangam/Budaga Jangam caste vis-a-
vis Jangam/Jangalu. The High Court orders vide references 5th
and 7th cited have also highlighted the same issue that is, how to
differentiate between the person belonging to Bedajangam/
Budgajangam/Malajangam as against Jangam/Jangalu so as to
prevent the Jangam caste people from obtaining certificates as
Bedajangam/Budaga Jangam which is listed as Scheduled Castes
in the Presidential orders.

3.      It is in the High Court Orders dt.27-7-1995 (reference 6th
cited) that the Govemmetn Memo of 23-3-1989 (reference 4th cited)
was treated as unreasonable and the Court ordered that the rev-
enue authorities must verify and take into consideration the other
documentary evidence and certificates etc., produced by the pe-
titioners without reference to the Government Memo 4th cited. Simi-
larly in the Judgement of the High Court of 24-12-1984 (reference
3rd cited) the Court quashed the Government Memo. 1st cited