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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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No. 173). He further requested to issue Beda jangam Caste Certificates
on conducting thorough enquiry as per latest High Court Judgement
W.RNo.190083/94, dated 20.8.1996 and Government Memo No.SP/8/31/
97-1 SW(J1) Department, dated 30.4.1997 and request to avoid bogus
Caste Certificates in Prakasam District.

The above appropriate guidelines in respect of Beda Budaga
Jangam (SC) are in High Court Judgement W.P.No.19083/94 dated
20.8.96 alongwith Memo in second reference cited, which was already
communicated to all Revenue Divisional Officers in this District vide this
office LDis/D3/6877/97, dated 18.8.97 and request to follow the instruc-
tions carefully before the issue of Caste Certificate (Beda Jangam).

However again, I enclose herewith the appropriate guideliens in
respect of (1) Jangam (OC) (2) Jangam-BC are in Page No.173 (Ex-
tract) of existing Sri K.N.Anantaraman, ICS, Chairman, B.C. Commis-
sion report 1970 is enclosed alongwith the G.O.No.11, B.C.Welfare De-
partment dated 4.4.1997.1 further request that the enquiry officer should
listout the distinquishing features between Beda (Budaga) (Jangam SC
(2) Jangam-BC and Jangam O.C.According to above mentioned guide-
lines for thorough enquiry and take the statements of elders, relatives of
claimants and other relevent records are examined properly and then only
conclusions are drawn about the caste of the claimants.

Yours faithfully,
sd/- M.A.AZ1Z,
for Collector Ongole.
// tc.f.b.o.//
Addl.Huzur Head Clerk