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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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2.       In the representation 1st read above, the President, A.PJangam
Sangam, Hyderabad has requested to delete the word whose traditional
occupation is "begging* against their caste by name "Jangam" at SI.No.9
in Group "A" of the existing list of Backward Classe in the circumstances
stated in the representation.

3.       In the representation 2nd read above, the President, A.P.Beda
(Budge) Janga, Ongole, Prakasam District has stated inter-alia- that there
was (1) Jangam, O.C. (2) Jangarn (BC) and (3) Beda (Budga) Jangam
SC and requested that appropriate guidelines be isued on proper identi-
fication of their social status and consequent issue of caste certificates

4.       In the  letter third read above, A.P.Commission for Backeard
Classes was consulted in the matter for its advice Under section 9 (a) of
AP.Commission for Backward Classes Act. 1993.

5.       Through its letter 4th read above, the A.RCommission for Back-
ward Classes after following the due procedure has furnished its report
to Government. In the report, the Commission has recommended that
there are no grounds to delete the words "whose Traditional occupation
is begging" against "Jangam" caste occupying at SLNo.9 of Group "A" of
the existing list of Backward Classes. It has also recommended to Gov-
ernment to issue guidelines on issuance of Social status, Caste Certifi-
cates as formulated by the Supreme Court in Lavoti case with appoint-
ment modification, on priority basis.

6.       The Government after careful examination of the report of
AP.Commission for Backward Classes accept the advice of Commission
and decide to:

(1) Reject the request of A.PJangam Sangam, Hyderabad for
deletion of the words "whose traditional occupation is beg-
ging" against Jangam caste appearing at Sl.No.9 Group "A"