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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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application. The Competent Authority shall then verify the information/docu-
ments/evidence furnished by the applicant/parent/guardian in Form I/IL If the
Comptent Authority is satisfied with the correctness of the information/docu-
ments/evidence furnished by the applicant/ parent/guardian in Form l/ll. He
shall issue the Community, Nativity and Date of Birth Certificates in Form ill
within 30 (thirty) days of the receipt of the application in Form l/ll. The compe-
tent Authority shall specify in form Hi the sub-caste of the SC claimant and the
sub-tribe/sub-group of the ST claimant as listed out in Annexure-1 appended to
these Rules.

(b)       If  the Competent   Authority feels that further enquiry is
necesssary, he shall then examine the school records, birth registration certifi-
cate, if any, and also examine....... guardian or applicant, in relation to his/her

their community. He may examine any other person who has the knowledge of
the social status of the applicant/parent/guardian, as the case may be. He shall
take into account, in the case of Scheduled Tribes, their anthropological and
ethnological traits, deity, other customs, mode of marriage, death ceremonies/
method of burial of dead bodies etc., before issuing the Community, Nativity
and Date of Birth Certificates. The Competent Authority shall have power to call

for further information and/or......such evidence/document and also conduct

such enquiry as specified in............., if deemed necesssary. Notice in form IV

should be issued to, in case the applicant is a minor, to ap-
pear before the Component Authority.

(c)       Notice as specified in Form IV should give clear 15 (fifteen) days,
from the date of receipt of the notice by the parent/applicant/guardian, to at-
tend the enquiry, not more than 30 (thirty) days from the date of the receipt of
the notice, allowed.

(d)      Where the person on whom a notice in form IV is served by the
Competent Authority fails to respond on the date mentioned therein, the Com-
petent Authority may reject or confirm the claim of the person based on the
document/evidence available with the Competent Authority (furnished while
applying in Form l/ll). He may also take into account any other material/evi-
dence/documents gathered by htm in that particular case. The Competent Au-
thority shall cause enquiry, following due process of law, to verify the genuine-
ness  or other wise of the information/evidence/documents furnished or re-
corded, from such persons as called for the enquiry specified in Form IV. he
may also cause to collect any other documentary or related evidence about the
genuineness or otherwise of the information furnished by the persons called
for in the enquiry,

(e)      The Competent Authority should give reasonable opportunity to
the applicant/parent/guardian to produce evidence in support of their claim. A