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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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nrty, Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate.
7.       Scrutiny and Review Committee (State Level):
A Scrutiny and Review Committee shafl be constituted at the State Level
with the following officers:
(a)       (1)      Principal Secretary to Government            -        Chairman
Social Welfare Department
(2)       Commissioner, Social Welfare                   -        Member
(3)       Commissioner, Tribal Welfare                    -       Member
(4)       Commisisoner, Welfare of Backward        --        Member
(5)       Inspector General of Police,
G.B.C.I.D. (P.C.R.& Vigilance Cell)             --        Member
(6)       Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary/       -        Member
Deputy Secretary to Govfhiment,                        (Convenor)
Social Welfare Department
(b)       This Scrutiny and Review Committee shall meet once in three months
or as often, depending on the necessity,
(c)       Presence of three members will form the required quorum for the meet
ing of the Committee.
(d)       This Committee shall review and monitor the functioning of the Scrutiny
Committees at the District level constituted under Rule 8, It shall render
necesssary advice to the Government on various policy decisions to be
taken for streamlining the procedure or on any other issues related to
the issuing of Community Certificates as per Act.
(e)       The Committee may also render necessary guidance and advice to the
Government on cases referred to it, where divergent and conflicting
enquiry reports are received by the Government, in respect of the com-
munity claims.
8.       SCRUTINY COMMITTEE (District level):
(a)      In every District, a Scrutiny Committee shafl be constituted with the fol-
lowing officers:
(1)      Joint Collector                                -       Chairman
(2)       District Revenue Officer                 -       Member (Convenor)
(3)       Deputy Director (Social Welfare)    -       Member
Deputy Director (Tribal WetfareX    -       Member
District Tribal Welfare Officer
Deputy Director (Backward             -       Member
Classes Welfare)/Dtstfict Backward
Classes Welfare Officer
(4)      Officer of the Research organisation-      Member