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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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the beat of dorm or any other convenient mode, may be published in the
village or locality of the applicant and if any person or association, op-
poses such a claim, opportunity to produce evidence in person before
the Committee may be given to him or her. After giving such an opportu-
nity to the person, the Committee may make such enquiry as it deems
expedient and finalise its recommendations, with brief reasons in sup-
port thereof, to the Competent Authority.
(7) The Scrutiny Committee shall examine the report of enquiry conducted
by the Revenue Department furnished to it by the Competent Authority.
It may also obtain expert opinion from the Commissionerate of Social
Welfare/Tribal Welfare through the officers of the research organisa-
tions of these Commissionerates who are the members of the Scrutiny
Committee, if deemed necessary. These enquiry reports may be com-
pared and then recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee may be
finalised as to whether the community claim of that applicant is found to
be false or genuine.
(e) The Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee i.e., Joint Collector of the
District, shall send the recommendations of the Committee to the Com-
petent Authority stating clearly whether the community claim of the per-
son in question or his or her children, is genuine or false with reasons
thereof, within 45 days from the date of the receipt of the case referred
to it by the Competent Authority.
9.       Fraudulent claims:
(1)       Where the District Collector receives a written complaint from any per-
son or has otherwise reason to believe that a person not belonging to a
Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe or Backward Class has obtained a
false Community, Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate to the effect that
either himself/herself or his/her children belong to such a Scheduled
Castef Scheduled Tribe/Backward Class, the District Collector shall re-
fer the case to the Chairman, Scrutiny Committee ie., Joint Collector of
the District (formed under rute-8), to enquire into such cases and send
its findings to the District Collector.
(2)      The Scrutiny Committee on receipt of such cases referred to it by the
District Collector, shall follow the procedure as listed in Rule - 8{d), (1} to
(7) except that it shall serve the notice in Form VI on the person involved
in the case.
(3)      The Scrutiny Committee shall in such cases cause enquiry by the Pro-
tection of CM! Rights/Vigflance Cefl also i,eM through the officer repre-
senting the Protection of CivH Rights / Vigilance Cell should investigate
the social status claimed by the person by sending the Inspector of