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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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Police to the local place of residence of that person and where he/she
usually resides or in case of migration, to the town or city from which
he/she originally hailed from. The Inspector should personally verify
and collect all the facts about the community claim of the person or the
guardian or the parent, as the case may be.

(4) Where the person on whom a notice served in form - VI fails to re-
spond to the notice within the period specified in the notice, the Scru-
tiny Committee may finalise its findings based on the material made
available by the District Collector i.e., enquiry report of the Revenue
Department, enquiry report of the Protection of Civil Rights/Vigilance
cell and the reports of the expert/ officer of the Research Organisation
of the Commissionerate of Social Welfare/ Tribal Welfare.

(5} The Scrutiny Committee shall compare the enquiry reports of the Rev-
enue Department furnished by the District Collector, the reports of the
Protection of CMI Rights/Vigilance Cell and the reports of the expert or
officer of the Research Organisation of the Commissionerate of Social
Welfare/Tribal Welfare and then finalise its findings whether the Com-
munity, Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate given to the person or his/
her children is genuine or otherwise.

(6)       The Scrutiny Committee shall furnish its findings to the District Collec-
tor within 60 days from the date of the receipt of the reference from the
District Collector.

(7)       The District Collector shall then decide whether the certificate holder is
genuine or fraudulent and in case of his having obtained a Community,
Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate fraudulently, the District Collector
shall pass an order cancelling the certificate issued, within one month
from the date of receipt of the findings of the Scrutiny Committee and
shall issue notification to that effet, to be published in the District Ga-
zette. The District Collector shall also take necessary steps to initiate
action against the Competent Authority who issued the Community,
Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate to the wrong person, besides
taking other action specified in Rule 15. He shall communicate the
cancellation of the certificate to the educational institution/employer/
appointing authority as the case may be forth with.

(8)       In respect of the Bariki SC Community, such written complaints If re-
ceived by the Collector shall be referred by him to the Government, for
necessary enquiry and final action to cancel the certificate, since the
District Collector is the Component Authority to issue the Community,
Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate for this community.