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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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(9) The Collector or Government, either suo-moto, or on a written complaint
by any person, or on request by an employer/educational institution/
appointing authority, shall enquire into the correctness of any Commu-
nity, Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate already issued and if it is found
that the certificate is obtained fraudulently, then the District Collector or
the Government, as the case may be, shall cancel the certificate as per
section 5 of the Act

10.      Appeals:

An appeal shall lie to the District Collector within thirty (30) days from
the date of receipt of rejection orders on the application for Community,
Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate passed by the Competent Author-
ity. The appellate authority shall examine the grounds on which the ap-
peal is filed and also receive or call for further evidence/ documents, if
considered necesssary, and pass such orders as the appellate authority
considers fit and proper in the matter. In case of Bariki caste, the appeal
shall lie to the Government against the orders of the District Collector.

11.      Review:

(1) The Government may, on an application filed by any person aggrieved
by an order passed by the District Collector under sub-section (1) of
section 5 of the Act, within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of that order, review
such orders if it was passed by the District Collector under any mistake,
whether of fact or law or in ignorance of any material fact.

(2) Pending disposal of an appeal under rule 10 or a review under rule
11(1) above, it shall be competent for the Government to stay the op-
eration of the order against which an appeal or review, as the case may
be, is filed.

12.      Revision:

(1) The Government either suo-moto, or on an apiicatkm filed by any
person aggrieved by the orders issued by the authority authorised under
these rules, shaJI entertain such application as a revision petition, within
sixty (60) days of the communication of the order passed under these
Rules and pass appropriate orders in accordance with the provisions
contained in section 8 of the Act, 16 of 1993.

13.      Bar of Jurisdiction of Civil Courts:

No civil court shall have jurisdiction in respect of any order pased by any
officer or authority under the Act and no stay or injunction shall be granted
by a court, in respect of any action taken or to be taken by such officer
or authority under the Act, in pursuance of any power conferred by or
under the Act, as provided in section 17 of the Act