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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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toms and the traditions of the tribes;
(2)      The tribals living in interior areas are facing more hardship to
aproach the Revenue Divisional Offiers Office for obtaining the
Commissioner of Tribal Welfare has also reported that more....... claims are
received from non-Agency areas because in Agency areas, the authorities can
easily identify the tribals and various associations of the tribals existing in Agency
areas are also quick to react to any fraudulent certificates obtained by non-
Scheduled Tribes. But it is in the non-Agency areas that the false certificates
remain mostly undetected. Therefore, Commissioner, Tribal Welfare requested
the Government to modify the Rules accordingly by designating Mandai Rev-
enue Offices as the Competent Authorities to issue community certificates to
the twelve tribes in Agency areas and the Revenue Divisional Officers in non-
Agency areas.
The Government after careful consideration of the proposals of the com-
missioner Tribal Welfare, hereby order the following amendment to be issued to
G.O.Ms.No.58, Social Welfare (J2) Department, dated 12-5-1997 published in
Rules Supplement to Part-l Extraordinary of the A.RGazette No.16, Hyderabad
Friday, May 16,1997:
FOR                                 DHED1W.19W.   ^ ^
(1)       Column 2 'All Revenue Officers     {1} (a) All Mandai Revenue Officers
not below the rank of R.D.O./Sub- not below the rank of the Dy.Tahsil-
Collector/AsstCollector in the        dar in the Scheduled areas of the
State".                                            State.
(b) All Revenue Officers not below
the rank of R.D.O^ub-Cdiector/
Asst. Collector In the non -Schedu-
led areas of the State.
(2)       Column 3                            (2) (a) Territorial jurisdiction of a Revenue
Territorial Jurisdiction of                Mandai held by the M.R.O. in the
a Revenue Division held by             Scheduled areas of the State.
R.D.OJSub-Collector/ Asst
(b) Territorial jurisdiction of a Revenue
Division held by R.D.O7Sub-Colfec
tor/Asst.Collector in non-scheduled
areas of the State.
A!! the District Collectors are requested to take necessary action in the
matter accordingly and bring these instructions to the notice of all the Compe-
tent Authorities in their jurisdiction immecfiatety.
Principal Scretary to Government.