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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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Madanapalli was directed to enquire into the Caste status of Sri
S.Sankaraiah, Junior Assistant, DCTO's Office, Punganur and to send a

The Revenue Divisional Officer, Madanapalle, letter 3rd read above,
has reported that Sri S.Sankaraiah, is native of Enamalapalem Village of
Vadamalpet Mandai and that during enquiry he has stated that his caste
was noted as "JANGAM" in his service Register and subsequently he has
obtained caste Certificate as "BEDAJANGAM" in D.D is.247/87, dated
28.1.87 by the Revenue divisional Officer, Chittoor and that basing on the
above Certificate issued by the Revenue Divisional Officer, Chrttoor, the
entries in Service Register with regard to his caste were corrected from
"JANGAM" to "BEDAJANGAM" for making a detailed enquiry at the na-
tive place of Sri S.Sankaraiah, the Revenue Divisional Officer, Madanapalle
has requested to refer the matter to the Revenue Divisional Officer, Chittoor.

Accordingly the Revenue Divisional Officer, Chittoor, to whom the
matter was again referred has reported in the reference 6th read above
dated 8.5.97) that for he has visited Enamalapalem R/o.Thirumandyam in
Vadamalpet Mandai and enquired the following persons about the caste
status of Sri S.Sankaraiah, working as Senior Assistant, D.C.T.O.'s Of-
fice, Punganur.

1) S.Eswaraiah,                ....     Brother of Sankaraiah

2) M.Ramachandraiah      ....     Brother-in-law of Sankaraiah

3) S.mahadevaiah             ....     Relative of Sankaraiah
4)T.Ramaiah                     ....     Village elder

. They have deposed that they all blow Shankhu and ring the bell
whenever death occurs; that they belong to Jangam caste that the caste
of their children are noted as 'Jangam" in the School records and that Sri
Sankaraiah belongs to "Jangam".

Subsequently Sri S.Sankaraiah, filed a petition 24.5.97 contending
that he belongs to "BEDAJANGAM" caste on the following grounds.
1.    That he belongs to "BEDAJANGAM" caste. At the time erf his entry
into the Government Service, in the year 1976 hfe caste was en-