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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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in the judgement of the High Court in WP.No.19083/94, WP.No.9967/
87, etc., cases which were confirmed by the Supreme Court there
are three (3) Sub castes in the community.They are 1. Bedajangam,
2. Mala Jangam, 3. Jangam. Previously there were no special con-
cessions in Educational Institutionans, appointments. Hence, all
the persons belonging to any of the sub castes were being called
as Jangam or jangalu and caste certificates were issued without
mentioning any sub-caste. The Jangam or Jangalu Caste people
were also not particular for mentioning their sub-castes. After is-
sue of G.O.Ms.No.838 dated 15.12.77, the Sub castes according
to their traditional occupations, habits and customs are identified.
The traditional occupation of Bedajangam were also discussed.
a)       They are Vibhudhi Dharanas;
b)       They perform funeral rites of all castes including SCs and
c)       During peformance of the funeral rites, they blow conches
and ring bells inf ront of the dead body to the burrial ground.
d)       They are non vegetarians.
e)       They act as Purohits.
f)       The dead bodies of these caste people are kept in a sittting
position in a specially errected mantapam and bells are rung;
g)       The dead bodies are burned in a same sitting posture;
h)      They follow the corpse of any family and return after cremat-
ing the deadbody, with the relatives and receive the amount.
i)      They used to tell Burrakatha known as Jangam Kathaki, using
Tharnbura or Budaga;
j)      Widow marriages and Kanyasulkam are prevalent in the caste.
The above are the guidelines for determining the caste of
Bedajangam people.
4.    That the previous enquiry was satisfied with the guidelines and
issued the Certificate, The Petitioner came to know that the present
Revenue Divisional Officer, Chittoor also made enquiries about the