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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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caste of the Petitioner at the native place (i.e.) Enamalapalem Vil-
lage of Vadamalapet MandaL There are six families of Bedajangam
in his Native place of the Petitioner and they are related to the
Petitioner. It is revealed in the enquiry made by the Revenue Divi-
sional Officer, that these families are even now performing their
traditional occupation and they are also following the corpse, blow-
ing conches and performing other rituals, these families satisfied
the requirements of the guidelines given for the issue of the caste
certificate of Beda jangam.The Petitioner reliably understands that
the Revenue Divisional Officer, verified the School Certificates of
the children of these families where in the caste is noted as
"Jangam". The Revenue Divisional officer, therefore seems to have
sent a report that the petitioner belongs to "JANGAM CASTE".
5.     That though the enquiry made by the Revenue Divisional Officer, in
the village, revealed that the petitioner belonged to Bedajangam
caste, having satisfied the requirements, the Revenue Divisional
Officer, based his reports solely on the School certificates, per-
taining to their relatives. The Petitioner submits that as already
stated above though the Petitioner and his relative families belong
to Bedajangam caste and performing their traditional occupation
they are illiterates and hence, in the schools, their castes are called
as "Jangam*. They did not try to get this rectified, knowing the
rules and concessions given to the caste. Hence the Revenue Di-
visional Officer, has erred in basing his people solely on the caste
entered in the School records, having apart the facts revealed is
his enquiry conducted on the traditional occupations and habits of
the families. In fact the school records of the other members are
ateo to be revised basing on the enquiry made by the Revenue
Divisional Officer,
6.     That one of his close relatives Sri RSrikanth, S/o. P.Viswanatham,
residing atTirupathi was issued caste certificate "Bedajangam" by
the Revenue Divisional Officer, Tirupathi in D.Dis.5857/96,