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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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dt.18.8.86. The caste certificate of Sri RChandrasekhar, brother of
Srikanth was also verified by conducting local enquiry at the native
place of the candidate by the Collector, Nellore and it was reported
bythe Collector, Nellore, that the candidates belongs to Bedajangam
caste, vide Nellore Collector's C5/13092/83, dt.10.12.83. Both
Srikanth and Chandrasekhar are sons of Sri RViswanatharn, who
is the close relative of the petitioner, by his wife's side. This also
clearly goes to show that the petitioner belongs to "BEDAJANGAM*
7. That for the issue of caste certificates there are instructions that
the school certificates shall not be taken as basis. The enquiry
regarding the social status, traditional occupations, habits and cus-
toms should alone be based upon. If the school certificates are to
be based upon there is need for the eloborate enquiry to be made
on the guidelines issued for the issue of caste certificates. The
instructions for issue of caste certificates for the Scheduled Castes/
Scheduled Tribes and backward classes are discussed in the High
Court Judgements in W.RNos.9967/97 and 19083/94 High Court
and also in Government Memo No.Sp.8/j1/97-1 dated 30.4.97 So-
cial Welfare Department as detailed below:-
11 The certifying officer shall verify:
1)       that the person and his parents actually belong to commu-
nity claimed.
2)       that his community is included m the presidential order speci-
fying the scheduled castes/ scheduled tribes is relating to
the concerned state.
3)       that the person belongs to that state and to the area within
that state in respect of which the community has become
4)       that if the person claims to be a scheduled caste, should
prefer either Hindu or Sikh religion.
5)       that if the person claims to be scheduled Tribe he may prefer