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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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any religion,

6}      that he or his ancestors have been engaged in tradition
occupations,habits, customs of the caste.

That the certificates issuing authority shall conduct his enquiry on
the above six items and he may, in addition to the above items verify the
school certificate which may support the above facts. Therefore, the School
certificates of others alone do not determine the caste. The previous Rev-
enue divisional Officer Mandal Revenue Officer have rightly conducted
the enquiry on above lines and issued certificate to the petitioner.
8. That if decision is taken on the basis of the School Certificate
alone as recommended by the Revenue Divisional Officer, Chittoor, the
petitioner suffers irreperable loss not only for himself but also for his prog-
eny, while the issue of bogus certificates to the persons who do not be-
long to scheduled castes is an offence, the refusal to issue certificates to
the genuine eligible persons and thus denying benefits provided in the
constitution amounts to injustice.

Subsequently the Revenue Divisional Officer, Chittoor, was again
addressed to enquire and report whether the said Bedajangam claimants
are residing outside habitations i.e., is there any disability attached,
untouchability conditions scheduled like etc. in the Village, their ancient
rites, and enquiring village elders and verifying old birth and death state-
ments records from the relatives family Geneology statements to unfold
any bogus claim.

The Revenue Divisional Officer, Chittoor in his letter, 3518/97, dated
6.1.98 has reported that he has visited the village on 28.1.97 along with
Mandal Revenue Officer, Vadamalpet, Village Administrative Officer,
Thirumandyam and ocnducted enquiry with the relatives of Sri
S.Sankaraiah, i.e. S.Chandraiah and others. The enquiry revealed that
they belong to "Bedajangam caste and blow counchshell (Shanku) and
ring belli during the funeral functions of other castes, that they will perform
funeral rites even to SC/STs wear Vibhuthi and worship "SHIVA" and are
non-vegetarians; and he satisfied with the "Bedajangam" on the status of