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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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Sri Sankaraiah and the caste certificate issued to him is correct, that on
the application of Sri S.Sankaraiah, S/o. Subbaiah of Enamalpalem, H/o.
Thirumandyan village of Vadamalapeta Mandal.The former Revenue Divi-
sional Officer, Chittoor, has issued a caste certificate to the applicant
treating him as a "Bedajangam caste" vide D.Dis.247/87 dated 28.1.87,
that on the basis of this Certificate the changes in S.R. of individual have
been corrected his caste as "Bedajangam1 instead of Jangam.

In this reference 7th cited the Scrutiny Committee to whom the
verification of caste certificate issued in favour of Sri S.Sankaraiah, Sen-
ior Assistant, DCTO's Office, Punganur as "Bedajangam" was referred
has reported as follows:

Sri S.Sankaraiah attended on 17.3.99 and stated that before the
scrutiny committee that "BEDAJANGAM" caste was not considered to be
included in before 15-12-1977 after it was notified as in Andhra Area, he had applied to the then Revenue Divi-
sional Officer, Chittoor, who is the competent authority as per the rules
which were in vogue. That after thorough enquiry, the then Revenue divi-
sional Officer, Chittoor has issued "Bedajangam1 community certificate in
the year 1987. Further submitted that the above Bedajangam community
Certificate produced to Commercial Taxes Department, where in he is
working and got it entered in his service register, some one has given a
false complaint alleging that he had obtained Bedajangam community
certificate fradulently. He further stated that his forefathers, fathers and
his family do all the characteristic activities of Bedajangam, who btow
"SANKU" when persons from SCs/STs/BCs Sudras die, eat food after
following the corpse upto burrial ground, all of them are non-vegetarians
unlike JANGAMS who are purely vegetarians.

The Committee has perused the reports of two successive Rev-
enue Divisional Officers, Chittoor Division. In both the reprots it was men-
tioned that the customs of blowing "SANKU" is practised by the relatives
of Sri S-Sankaraiah, Senior Assistant, DCTO's Officer Punganur, Further
in the report submitted by the Revenue Divisional officer, {dt.6.1.98 ft was