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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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the entire burden cannot be thrown on the person who
obtained such certificates. Of course, once the initial
burden is discharged, it is for the person concerned to
establish that the certificates have been granted to him
properly and not based on any misrepresentation. In that
process, it is for the concerned person to establish that he
belongs to that particular community as claimed. (Para

It is well settled that a party has a right to know not
only the result of the enquiry, but also the reasons in
support of the decision. Giving of reasons in support of
the conclusions is now accepted to be one of the
principles of natural justice. Speaking orders are
necessary to enable the party affected to know why and
on what grounds an order is passed against him. A
speaking order means an order speaking for itself.
Speaking order which contains reasons introduces clarity
and excludes arbitrariness. Reasons are the links
between the materials on which certain conclusions are
based and the actual conclusions. They disclose how the
mind is applied to the subject matter of a decision. (Para

An order or decision which is vague can never be a
reasoned decision. An order without clarity can never
reflect application of mind. Such an order cannot be a
reasoned order. The Court does not expect orders from
the administrative or quasi judicial authority as that from a
law Court. It is not as if those authorities are required to
pass judgements as the ordinary law Courts, as there is