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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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briefly be noticed, so far as they are relevant for the
disposal of this writ petition. The petitioner as at present is
working as Grade-! Assistant in Food Corporation of India
(for short TCI1). He was originally appointed as Grade-Ill
Assistant on 8-1-1976 under the quota reserved for
Scheduled Tribes (for short ^STs') at Visakhapatnam. The
petitioner claims that he belongs to % Kotiya Bentho Oriya1
community, which is recognised as ST. There is no
dispute and controversy whatsoever that the petitioner
secured employment in FC1 under the quota reserved for
STs. The petitioner produced Caste Certificate issued by-
the-then Tahsildar, Rajahmundry showing the community
of the petitioner as "kotiya Bentho Oriya", which was
issued on 21-8-1974. The petitioner was once again
required to produce the community certificate in the year
1980 in the prescribed proforma when his case came up
for consideration for promotion to Gnll Assistant. The
petitioner again obtained the community certificate in the
prescribed    proforma    from    the-then   Tahsildar,
Visakhapatnam on 31-10-1980. However, at the time of
petitioner's further promotion to Grade-l Assistant the FCI
referred the matter to the Director of Tribal Welfare for
ascertainment about the social status of the petitioner.
Pending report from the Director of Tribal Welfare, the
petitioner was promoted to Gr.l Assistant Post on 31-12-
1984. The petitioner was further promoted as Assistant
Manager on 13-12-1989 and was subsequently reverted
as Grade-I Assistant on 11-10-1990. The petitioner was
reverted on the ground that he belongs to "Oriya Sisthi