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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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certificate issued by the-then Tahsiidars certifying the
social status of the petitioner as ST, belonging to "Kotiya
Bentho Oriya". It is not necessary to advert and refer in
detail to the allegations levelled against the petitioner in
that show-cause notice. Suffice it to notice that it is the
case of the third respondent that the petitioner mislead
this Court, as well as the authorities in claiming that he
belongs to "Kotiya Bentho Oriya". It is alleged tht the
petitioner furnished false information to the Officers and
obtained the social status certificate in the year 1974 and
3.     The petitioner claims to have appeared before the
Joint Collector, Kakinada, third respondent herein on 28-
12-1990 and addressed various letters on 23-2-1991,21-
3-1991 and 3-4-1991 to supply certain documents. The
third respondent through proceedings dated 18-12-1991
refused to furnish those documents for the reasons stated
therein. Thereafter the impugned order is passed on dated
Nil-8-1991 cancelling the community certificate of the
petitioner and the petitioner claims to have received the
said order on 6-9-1991. It is that order which is impugned
in this writ petition.
4.     The impugned order is mainly challenged on the
ground of violation of principles of Natural Justice. The
petitioner, however, asserts that he belongs to "Kotiya
Bentho Oriya" community. It is urged that the third
respondent had proceeded with a pre-determination to
cancel the social status certificate of the petitioner without
there being any material or without conducting any