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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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the petitioner belongs to that particular community as
claimed by him. The petitioner cannot insist the authorities
to desclose from where they have received information
about his social status. It is not as if, the competent
authority is required to prove that he does not belong to
BKotiya Bentho Oriyatt community. But, it is true that if the
certificates earlier obtianed by him are to be cancelled, it
has to be established that those certificates were
obtained by playing fraud and mis-representation or
making false representation. The petitioner is entitled for
only such documents upon which reliance is placed by
the competent authority for setting the proceedings in
motion. It means that the petitioner is entitled for copies of
those documents which are referred to in the showcause
notice and such other documents upon which the
competent authority may place reliance for determining
the issue. The petitioner is not entitled for any other
documents nor the respondents are bound to supply those
documents to enable the petitioner to establish his case.

13.    It is for the petitioner to obtain such documents, upon
which he wants to place reliance to establish his case that
he belongs to "Kotiya Bentho Oriya" community, as
claimed by him. The respondents cannot be complied to
establish his case.

14.    Learned Government Pleader, however, vehemently
submits that in the instant case, the burden is completely
on the petitioner to establish that he belongs to "Kotiya
Bentho Oriya* community. In support to his contention he
placed reliance on the following decisions :