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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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properly and not based on any mis-representation. In that
process, it is for the concerned person to establish that he
belongs to that particular community as claimed. In
Director of Tribal Welfare's case (supra) the Supreme
Court laid down the procedure for issuing social status
certificates, their scruriny and approval by the authorities.
The said judgement does not say under what
circumstances, the burden is upon the person concenred
to establish that he is not guilty of any misrepresentation.
16.    it is true that determination of a person's social
status and cancellation of the social status certificates is
fraught with serious consequences. Civil Societies,
interest at large is involved in such matters. Securing
public employment or any other benefit under the
reservation quota on the strength of a false and fabricated
social status certificate would result in deprivation of
employment or such other benefit to the people belonging
to the reserved categories to that extent. Securing any
such benefit on the basis of such false certificates would
amount to securing the benefit of reservation illegally by a
person who is not entitled for such benefit. Correspon-
dingly, the legitimate and constitutionally guaranteed right
of the people belonging to reserved categories would
stand defeated.
17.   Applications for grant of social status certificates
may have to be scrutinised by exercising due care and
caution. Of course, now, the entire procedure is regulated,
at least, in this State, by the Andhra Pradesh (Scheduled
Castes) Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes)