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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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conclusions reached requires to be supported by
reasons. Such orders passed in breach of principles of
natural justice may have to be declared void. Neither
granting, nor cancellation thereof can be a routine or
mechanical affair. The order should disclose intense
application of mind by the competent authority.

19.    In the instant case, the petitioner obtained the
certificate in his favour in the year 1974, upon which he
secured employment in FCI and got promoted on the
basis of the revised certificate issued in his favour in the
year 1980. An order cancelling the said certificate may
amount to depriving the very employment of the petitioner.
Any such decision cancelling the certificates would result
in serious civil consequences.

20.    Can it be said that the impugned order passed by the
Joint Collector satisfies the legal requirement? Does it
reveal any application of mind? Whether the conclusions
reached are supported by any reasons? In nut shell,
whether there is any breach of principles of natural justice.

21.   The impugned order makes a very interesting
reading, While adverting to the objections raised by the
petitioner regarding the jurisdiction of the Mnada! Revenue
Officer to make inquiry about the caste of the applicant,
the Joint Collector observes.

"It is nothing but a fun to state that the Mandal Revenue
Officer who has got powers to issue the Caste
Certificates, does not have powers to inquire into the
matters pertaining to the Caste. The conclusion of the
Director of Tribal Welfare Report, has been intimated to