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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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them in the show-cause notice. Apart from that, thereafter
a copy of the Report of the Director of Tribal Welfare, has
been forwarded to them. And it is not possible to cross
examine the officers in the "Quasi Judicial11. The matter
has been pointed out in various decisions in the High
Court. What would be the consequences if the Caste
Certificates are cancelled. The individual has to face it
because of getting the duplicate Caste Certificates,
Without having the proof of the Caste of the individual
right from his fore-father's period, does not help in co-
operating at the time of enquiry.

(5) You have had stated that in the absence of clear cut
directions of the Director, Tribal Welfare, with regard to
issue of "Bentho Oriya" Caste Certificates, especially the
Collector, Srikakulam District is not issuing the Caste

(6)  You have stated that there had been continuous
application of letter correspondence between the
Collector, Srikakulam District and the Government about
the issue of "Bentho Oriya" Caste Certificate and you can
bear the responsibility in proving it and can even present
one or two individuals who are fighting for the same/
22.   While adverting to the objections raised tby the
petitioner that relevant files have not been perused by the
Joint Collector-cum-Additional District Magistrate, before
issuing the show-cause notice and the show-cause notice
itself is based on certain false information, the Joint
Collector observed that:

"FC1 Officers have forwarded only the copies of the