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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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Photostat of the Caste Certificates in respect of the
individual. Therefore, it is quite clear that the individual has
been issued with the Caste Certificate without sufficient
proof. Otherwise, had the Caste Certificate has been
issued to the individual after conducting an enquiry by
getting certain of the proofs from the person In question,
in the file the number might have been given to the Caste
Certificates over it definitely. If the claim of the person is
genuine and real, he would have attended to the inquiry
and should have proved with full proof right from their
forefathers about his Caste, had he really submitted the
information fully well to the Tahsildar, Rajahmundry; at the
time of issue of the Caste Certificate to him. But the
activities of the individual are in contradiction to this.
And you have requested the Joint Collector for one month
time to produce the copies of your paternal Uncles's
Caste as "Bentho Oriya" as per the High Court of Madras
issued in their orders on 28-12-1990 duty obtaining from
them. And accordingly, the time limit has been granted to
you upto 28-1-1991. But you stated in your telegram dated
22-1 -1991 informing that the judgement copy has not been
issued, the same is available with the Mandal Revenue
Officer, Rajahmundry, and you have requested for
production of a copy. That is why, the individual has been
advised to be present with what afi the proof that is
available with him as per his records on 15-2-1991. On
the basis of the application of the individual dated 28-1-
1991; Sri V.Srirama Murthy has been intimated to give his
explanation after getting the copies of the information