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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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pertaining to him which is available in this office; and to
that effect, he has been advised to aply for it. Afterwards,
the individual has applied for want of five other documents
apart from the report of the Director of Tribal Welfare
which do not pertain to this office. Since the individual did
not attend to the inquiry many a number of times, on the
bais of the inquiry report of the Director of Tribal Welfare, it
has been intimated to the person in question that the
show-cause notice has been issued to htm.11
23.   Elsewhere it is observed in the order of the Joint
Collector that in case any individual claims himself that he
belongs to Girijana Caste, the proving responsibility of the
same lies over the shoulders of the individual...........even
though the individual has been given the opportunity to
prove his caste, many a number of times, with some sort
of lame execuse or the other, the individual did not avail
the chance and bluntly escaped from the inquiry.
"Evidently, the competent authority never adverted to the
question as to whether the petitioner herein obtained
certificates in the year 1974 and 1980 by playing fraud or
mis-representation, it is very difficult to discern as to what
exactly the authority intended to say.
24.   It is well settled that a party has a right to know not
only the result of the enquiry, but also the reasons in
support of the decision. Giving of reasons in support of
the conclusions is now accepted to be one of the
principles of natural justice. Speaking orders are
necessary to enable the party affected to know why and
on what grounds an orer is passed against him. A