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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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ent dates by mis-representation of fact and by deceiving the
concerned officer
The petitioner promptly submitted his explanation in the
matter on 16-1 -1991 denying the allegations levelled against
him and inter alia stating that he is not aware of any inquiry
conducted by the Mandal Revenue Officer and no reliance
therefore could be placed upon the said report submitted by
the Mandal Revenue Officer. The petitioner requested for
supplying a copy of the report submitted by the Mandal Rev-
enue Officer and inter alia contended that the is also entitled
to copies of the statements, if any, recorded by the Mandal
Revenue Officer at the time of inquiry.The petitioner reserved
his right to examine the witnesses on his behalf, as well as
to cross examine the witnesses who have made statements
before the Mandal Revenue Officer, during the course of in-
quiry. The petitioner clearly pleaded that the Collector can-
not place reliance whatsoever on the report submitted by the
Mandal Revenue Officer.
The District Collector after receiving the explanation
submitted by the petitioner passed the impugned order can-
celling the Caste Certificate obtained by the petitioner. Hence
this writ petition.
Sri M.S.K.Sastry, learned senior counsel appearing on
behalf of the petitioner submits that the impugned order
passed by the District Collector suffers from jurisdictional
errors, apart from being violative of principles of natural Jus-
tice. Sri Sastry contends that the District Collector could not
have placed any relinace upon the report submitted by
Mandal Revenue Officer, in as much as a copy of the same
was not made available to the petitioner, in spite of such a
request, as is evident from the explanation submitted by the
Learned Government Pleader for Social Welfare sub-
mits that the petitioner obviously made mis-representation of