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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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facts before the concerned authorities and went on obtain-
ing certificate after certificate every time, changing his place
of residence. The petitioner is not entitled for a copy of the
report submitted by the Manal Rev enue Officer, as opportu-
nity has been afforded to him by the District Collector to ex-
plain the allegations levelled against him.

It is evident from the averments made in the show-cause
notice, itself, that the District Collector placed heavy reliance
upon the report submitted by the Mandal Revenue Officer,
which is, admittedly, against the petitioner. It appears that the
Mandal Revenue Officer after making an inquiry into the
matter came to the conclusion that the petitioner does not
belong to Beda Jangam caste, which belongs to Scheduled
Caste, but belongs to Jangam community and is a resident
of Devagudur village of Jarugumalii Mandal. Admittedly, the
Mandal Revenue Officer, Jarugumalii, during the course of
inquiry, even appears to have recorded statements of certain
villagers without affording an opportunity to the petitioner to
cross examine them. The proceedings against the petitioner
are set in motion after almost ten years from the date on which
the petitioner obtained the Caste Certificate for the first time
from the Tahsildar, Ongole in the year 1980. In my consid-
ered opinion, the Mandal Revenue Officer could not have
made such an inquiry against the petitioner without affording
him reasonable opportunity to cross examine the witnesses,
if any, examined by the Mandal Revenue Officer, during the
course of inquiry. At any rate, the District Collector, could not
have placed exclusive reliance upon the report stated to have
been submitted by the Mandal Revenue Officer without fur-
nishing a copy of the same to the petitioner. The petitioner is
undoubtedly entitled for a copy of the said report against which
he could have raised his objection in the matter, even before
the District Collector. It is not as if the District Collector has