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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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20.    Dom, Dombara, Paidi, Pano
22.     Ghasi, Haddi, Belli Chachandi
23.     Godagaii
48.    Mehtar
51.    Paky, Moti,Thoti
53.    Pamidi
55.    Rellli
58.    Sapru
The "Belli" group of communities is the most backward
among the SC communities and are therefore categorised as
"A" with percentage entitlement of one percent (1%) of
reservation in proportion to their population, both in public
appointments and admissions to educational institutionsThey
shall be adjusted in serial number 2 of the roster as specified in
G.O.Ms.No.357, General Administration (Ser.D) Department
dated 23-6-1989.
ii) The "Madiga" group of communities will consist of the
following sub-castes as listed in the A.P.Scheduled Castes
Presidential Order 1950.
5.     Arundhatiya
9.       Beda Jangam, Budaga Jangam
10.     Bindla
14.     Chamar, Mochi, Muchi
15.     Chambhar
17.    Dakkal, Dokkalwar
19.    Dhor
24.     Godari
28.     Jaggali
29.     Jambuvulu