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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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27.    Holeya Dasari

31.    Madasi Kuruva, Madari Kuruva

34.     Mahar

35.     Mala

36.     Mala Dasari

37.     Mala Dasu

38.     Mala Hannai

39.     Malajangam

40.     Mala Masti

41.     Mala Sale, Netkani

42.     Mala Sanyasi

45.     Marine
50.    Mundala

52.    Parnbad Pambanda

57.    Samban

The "Mala" group of communities are receiving benefits of
reservations wholly disproportionate to their population and are
therefore categorised as "Ctt with percentage entitlement of six
percent (6%) of reservation in proportion to their population both
the public appointments and admissions to educational
institutions. They shall be adjusted in serial numbers 16, 27, 47,
66, 77 and 91 in the roster as specified in G.O.Ms.No.357, G.A.
(Ser.D) Dept, dated 23-6-1989.

iv) The "Adi-Andhra" group of communiteis will consist of the
following sub-castes as listed in the A.P.Scheduled Castes
Presidential Order 1950.

1.     Adi Andhra

46.     Mashti