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Full text of "The Ethnology Of Beda Badaga Jangam Caste In Andhra Pradesh"

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anyother community other than SCs in accordance with the

rules and Government orders in force.

6 (i)  The above orders will be applicable from the academic

year 1997-98, in all the educational institutions under the controll

of the State Government, whereever rule of reservation is being


ii)      In the case of public appointments for the backlog

vacancies/regular vacancies to be filled by Scheduled Caste

candidates, pursuant to various Government instructions

issued in this regard from time to time, and where the selection

process has been completed i.e. appointment orders have been

despatched or the applicants have been intimated officially that

he/she has been selected and should await posting orders, in

such cases the above orders will not be applicable.

iii)     Separate instructions will be issued by the Government

regarding the appointments to the backlog vacancies/ regular

vacancies, where the selection process is at various stages

and the appointment orders have not been despatched or

selection has not been intimated to the applicants.

iv)     In the public appointments to be made henceforth,

wherever rule of reservation is being implemented, these orders

will be appliable.

7.      The categorisation of Scheduled Caste into *A", "B", "C",
"D" groups as mentioned above does not apply to posts or
admissions to educational institutions under the control of the
Central Government Departments or Central Government
Corporations/ Public Sector Undertakings.

8.      The General Administration (Services) Department and
the Education Department (Higher Education and School