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Full text of "Expression Of The Emotions In Man And Animals"

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22                          INTRODUCTION.

the opinion, written in English, of   Christian Gaika,                  j

brother of the Chief Sandilli, on the expressions of his                  f'

fellow-countrymen.   In the northern regions of Africa

Captain Speedy, who long resided with the Abyssinians,

answered my queries partly from memory and partly

from, observations made on the son of King Theodore,

who was then under his charge.    Professor and Mrs.

Asa Gray attended to some points in the expressions of

the natives, as observed by them, whilst ascending the                  j

Nile.                                                                                            f

On the great American continent Mr. Bridges, a
catechist residing with the Fuegians, answered some
few questions about their expression, addressed to him
m^ny years ago.    In the northern half of the conti-
nent Dr. Rothrock attended to the expressions of the                  ;
wild Atnah and Espyox tribes on the ISTasse River, in
Xorth-Western America.    Mr. Washington Matthews,
Assistant-Surgeon in the United States Army, also ob-
served with special care (after having seen my queries,                   $
as printed in the ' Smithsonian Report *) some of the                     f
wildest tribes in the Western parts of the United States,
namely, the Tetons, Grosventres, Mandans, and Assina-
boines;    and his answers have proved of the highest

Lastly, besides these special sources of information, I                   \

have collected some few facts incidentally given in books
of travels.                                                                                      y

As I shall often have to refer, more especially in the                   

latter part of this volume, to the muscles of the human                   :

face, I have had a diagram (fig. 1) copied and reduced
from Sir C. Bell's work, and two others, with more ac-
curate details (figs. 2 and 3), from Henle's well-known
^Handbueh der Systematischen Anatomie des Menschen/
The same letters refer to the same muscles in all three