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Full text of "Expression Of The Emotions In Man And Animals"

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FIG. 3.—-Diagram from Henlc.

A. Occlpito-frontalis, or frontal mus-

B. Corrugator supercilii, or corruga-
tor muscle.

C.  Orbicularis palpebrarum, or or-
bicular muscles of the eyes.

D.  Pyramidalis nasi,  or pyramidal
muscle of the nose.

E.  Lcvator labii superior-is  altpque

F. Lcvator labii proprius.

(I. Zygomatic.

It. Malaria.

I. Little zygomatic.

K. Triangularis oris, or depressor
anguli oris.

L. Qnadratus incnti.

M. nisorius, part of the Platysma

the extreme pains winch he has taken in drawing from
life the expressions of various animals. A distinguished
artist, Mr. Riviere, has had the kindness to give me two
drawings of dogs—one in a hostile and the other in a
humble and caressing frame of mind. Mr. A. May has
also given me two similar sketches of dogs. Mr. Cooper
has taken much care in cutting the blocks. Some of